Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christkindle Market + Santa

I think that Micah is always excited about something... I'm just not sure what he was so excited about in this picture. Maybe the fact that he was going to take a picture with Santa and get a candy cane? Or maybe it was the not so good tasting sugar cookies they were passing out to everyone? hmm. I'm going to go with the latter only because, he didn't seem to like Santa to much. This month is going by so fast! I can't believe it's almost Christmas already!!! Craziness.
I don't know what I was doing here... but to be honest, I like the way I look from the side. yea yea
This is my friend Christina who just had her baby a little under a month ago! 
This guy was walking around the market all day playing beautiful Christmas songs on his accordion. I enjoyed it. Sometimes I like to imagine that I can play beautiful music like that on an instrument. I play a little piano and a little guitar but I'm not pro like this guy here.
My sweeter than sweet hunny buns right there. 
Judah has discovered the art of the blown up reflections. Not sure what you call it, but he sure did have a good time making faces at himself. Silly. I may or may not have gotten in on the fun as well. 
Micah with me...
Micah without me. haha and Judah didn't even consider sitting on Santa's lap. Same deal happened last year. I love my littles. So funny. Actually while we were waiting in line Judah wanted to get on Santa's lap, but it wasn't his turn. So when it was his turn he didn't want to. Classic Judah. haha