Sunday, December 15, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys and Moms Will Be Moms

I would take pictures of the way my house looks 95% of the time but quite frankly I'm too embarrassed. 
1. Because It's pretty bad.
2. Because of # 1.
I don't want to go on with this whole cleaning deal, but if you are a mother of more than one, you understand. Right?
Judah likes to jump off of everything these days... I wonder who taught him such a thing..hint hint (batman).
Since Micah is the younger brother, he now climbs everything. He'll grab whatever toy he can stand on to get on top of whatever he wants to get on top of. Luckily he doesn't try to jump off like Judah. We have these awful rolling chairs in the kitchen that Micah and Judah like to roll around everywhere to either get on top of the kitchen counter tops, the kitchen table, and on top of the washer and dryer. Me being the caring mom that I am, I obviously want to get rid of these awful rolling chairs. 
Then I went into thinking about non rolling chairs. What if they fall backwards or knock them down left and right trying to roll the chairs where ever they please, only they can't roll these because they're not rolling chairs. Basically non rolling chairs are going to be safer than rolling chairs. Right?

Now onto Judah's obsession with batman. He sometimes calls me batman instead of mom these days. First of all, how does a two year old become obsessed with one character out of all of the Justice League members? Superman and Green Lantern are cool too, but according to Judah, Batman is the best. He has two batman outfits that he wants to wear all of the time! He also has batman chucks and a batman hoodie. I'm telling ya. Judah has it Batman made. We went into a store the other day and out of all of the boxers and clothes we passed Judah obviously spotted the batman boxers and he wanted them for himself. Every time he gets a hold of my phone or Evan's, he immediately gets on netflix to watch anything batman. That kid...
About Micah? What about him? He basically tries to follow in Judah's footsteps. Could be a good thing and it could be a bad thing. If Judah screams or yells because he's mad, Micah yells along for the fun of it. If Judah starts running in circles, Micah runs in circles. If Judah starts singing, Micah starts singing, (I'm not complaining about the singing ♥ ), If Judah starts crying, Micah starts fake crying. The only difference these days is, Micah likes to give kisses out to anybody left and right. It's the cutest thing.
My deal, I love my littles but I also like to have "me time" sometimes. I tried to paint my nails for the first time since October can guess how that turned out. I eventually got it almost okay looking and I left it at that. You know that movie/show "How to Train Your Dragon"? Someone should have a show on "How to Train Your Kids". That would be cool. Then again I'd probably be so busy with my children that I wouldn't care to watch it.