Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

First of all we had to dedicate this years pumpkin carving to Wacha Wacha Wacha! MVP!! Yes, I am a Cardinals fan for those of you who don't know. I know we didn't win the World Series this year but we were sooo close! We still had a very awesome year though!!
Also, this is Judah's first time painting a pumpkin! He painted two! I originally bought one for Judah and one for Micah but Micah was more interested in running around rather than painting his pumpkin, so we let Judah paint them both. He even made his own little mark on our Wacha pumpkin. 
We couldn't forget the glitter! Judah dumped the whole container on both the pumpkins... Can you tell??
I finally decided what to be last minute.... I went as super mom! (Made up of course..not really though). Unfortunately, Evan had to miss out on Halloween again this year. The Army purposely schedules him to be out in the field every year on Halloween.. -_-  We had lots of fun though. It was better than last year. I went with a few friends and Judah learned very quickly that all you had to do to get candy was run up and knock on people's door and say "chick o cheat!! and Tank You!!" He even blew kisses to some of the ladies that answered the door. Micah enjoyed the night as well. He of course can't say a lot of words yet, but he was saying "bye!" and waving as well. Soo precious! 
Judah went as "Natnan!! (batman)" and Micah as Superman! Judah is in his Batman phase right now. Even though it's no longer Halloween, all he wants to wear is his Batman out fit. It's a good thing we have two! 
These last two photo's were taken with my Polaroid camera. I hope every one had an awesome Halloween! And sorry this is late! I know everyone is in Thanksgiving and Christmas mode now. I am too! But, I had to post these pictures of the bambinos! They're just too cute not to.