Monday, November 25, 2013

Bam Wham Pow...It's Been A While

Goodness. The past weekend was very busy for my family. It was my parents 25th Anniversary and there was obviously a party thrown for them. That's my family in the photo above...minus my older brother.I had to prepare two songs to sing for them...well I didn't necessarily have to, I wanted to. So that went well I think. Also doing the photo boards didn't take me long at all either... You know just looking through boxes and boxes of old and new photos. It was fun. So basically for the whole week and maybe just that weekend my parents house was packed. Our friends from Georgia came in and so did my sister Toni from Seattle...well she actually flew in. Needless to say it was a fun packed weekend..sort of. Minus the little stress from all the preparations.
I'm kind of upset I didn't get many pictures of Judah at the party but if you have a little two year old, you understand how hard it is to chase a little guy around the venue when he's just having so much fun playing with the other kids. So being the awesome mom that I am, I let him have fun. Micah on the other hand was super tired and cranky. He went home early.
We spent Sunday and Monday at the Zoo and at the Mississippi River downtown. It was rather nice and much needed. I had lots of fun only because seeing my little bambinos enjoy themselves makes me happy and all crinkly feeling. Is crinkly even a word? 
So here goes my explanation of absence from the blog.
First started when Judah broke my laptop.
Then the waiting of having to buy a new laptop.
Having ordered my new laptop, only to get the wrong one in the mail.
Waiting for the laptop once again.
Then Blogger started being stupid and not letting me upload my photos. 
I waited over a week to finally realize that Blogger wasn't going to be fixed any time soon.
So I tried to start up this same blog with WordPress...It's taking me forever. Maybe in the near future I'll make a switch.
Me being irritated with this whole situation. I decided to do the one thing I should have done in the beginning. GOOGLE IT! So I did. Downloaded Safari so that I could download one picture at a time. Better than none right? Anyways...
Then there's the stuff that an every day mother has to deal with.
Is that a good enough explanation?
Hope everyone is having an awesome Monday!