Thursday, September 19, 2013

♥ Micah Is One ♥

Some scenes from Micah's first Birthday Party in Missouri. There was cake, lots of food, and yes we had a band from church as well... And they made me sing a couple of songs, which is okay. haha Oh and kuuuudoss to my cousin Katherine for making this awesome and amazingly delicious cake for Micah! I love her so much! She just graduated from pastry school and started her pastry business and she's already booking up all of her weekends. This particular weekend she had a wedding, bridal shower, and my little's birthday. I'm soo proud of her. Check her out on her facebook page Life Is Sweet!
Center of attention while the band sang Las Mananitas to him. Such a precious moment. ^^
Before Micah decided to  get into his cake, he walked around and stood there just staring at his cake. I don't think he knew what to do with it, so we put some icing in his mouth...waited a bit and then he decided to attack the cake. So silly!
Digging into his cake! ^^ 
He decided the smash cake was delicious! Including the cupcake in between his legs that Judah handed to him!^^ To be completely honest, I was hoping Micah would get more crazy with the cake, but that's okay. I didn't even think about bringing extra clothes for him for 'just in case'. So it was probably a good thing he didn't get super messy, although It would have been super cute and adorable.

I remember for Judah's first birthday, he was more picky with his cake. He didn't get too messy, but at least he did eat it!! These two are complete opposites!
Opening presents is soo much fun!^^ I actually think this was his favorite part. Look how happy he is! Squinchy face and all. Made my day. Well him and Judah both do something everyday that make my day. It's all about the bambinos all the time. (:
And of course all Judah wants to do is play the drums. What boy doesn't want to play the drums!? I should also add that later on, we pulled out the water balloons and Judah got soo wet he decided to take off all of his clothes, including his bottoms. It was hilarious! We quickly put bottoms on him after that. I guess you had to be there.
 Micah's second Birthday party (actual birthday) In Kansas..
Asian Uncle Miao right there!
 He was upset we didn't let him get into the cake right away. We had to sing happy birthday first! haha. But he wasn't slow to get into it this time. He knew what it was and he was ready to have some more birthday cake. This time Evan and I both made the cake. It was delicious too! Who doesn't love red velvet? Especially with cotton candy icing. Yummm.
 I know Micah doesn't mind having cake anywhere on him, but Judah is soo sad he has cake all over his face thanks to Asian Uncle Miao . Poor Judah. haha I think he secretly liked it though. Judah likes to be overly dramatic sometimes, which I find funny...sometimes. Haha