Friday, August 9, 2013

The Skies Are Cloudy

No, I don't have a new computer yet but I will be getting one soon! To give you an update, I am back in Cape. This time I got to come with Evan and I ended up staying here in town while he had to go back to work. I stayed here so that I could work at my mom's store, and also..saving up for new computer). Oh and also my beautiful cousin Sarah is getting married this month and I didn't want to miss it!My sister Toni is also coming into town for the wedding! SO excited!!! Lots of exciting stuff going on over here, minus Evan being back in Ft. Riley. :( 

Yesterday I had the privilege of taking my sister-in-law's engagement photos!! I can't wait to get my new computer so that I can edit those photos! I'm so happy for her and Garret. They make a great couple! When I was taking their photos you could just feel their chemistry, which made it super easy for me to take their pictures. I hope she likes loves them!! With how much it has been raining all summer the pictures are going to turn out even better due to all of the pretty vibrant green grass. I love love love. Thank you rain!

This weekend Judah is going camping with Nina and Paw Paw. Which is really exciting! I hope they take plenty of photos! Unfortunately I'm staying here in town to open the store tomorrow. Looking on the plus side, I get to spend the rest of tonight and tomorrow snuggling with Micah. I don't think I've had a day alone with Micah since he's been born. This is kind of a big deal. Judah won't be around to steal the attention, or to steal Micah's toys. I'm still going to miss my Judah even though it's one day.

I almost forgot...this morning I ran 3.78 MILES!!!! Wooohooo!! I am so proud of myself! I think I might be sore tomorrow but maybe not. I'm just so happy I made it that far. I tried to finish out to 4 but I felt like I was about to pass out and I needed water very badly. I do need to start drinking more water and lay off the coke. I can't get fit drinking coke all the time no matter how in love I am with it. Sorry coke but you have to go.