Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mister Smiles

Where to begin.. This child is nothing but smiles...all of time. I've been having the best experience with this little guy. He is so much fun to play with, he's easy to please, he's easy to feed (he eats anything you give him without a fight..I love it!), It's super easy to put him to sleep, and he hardly ever cries. I've seen him grown so much in so little time. I can still remember being in the hospital with him when he was born like it was yesterday. I can remember his precious smiles in his dreams, and his very soft whimpers putting him to sleep. Micah is already babbling away. You can definitely tell he's going to be quite the talker!

About a month ago Micah started to stand on his own and even take a couple of steps. He'd walk from couch to couch and hold on to the furniture and the walls even, for support...This time around I was in no rush what so ever for him to start walking. Well this past week he randomly started to walk more than just five to six steps, he's walking every where now with no support! I mean, he'll lose his balance here and there but seeing him walk a far distance with his little legs is seriously the cutest. And today Micah is eleven months old! Man, how where did the time go?? I need it to just slow down a bit. I am very blessed to have two wonderful little babes that when every time I look at them I can see their father. Micah is one of the best baby's I could ever ask for. Don't get me wrong, I love Judah just as much and there are different things that I love about Judah, but I've bragged about Judah so much in other posts before Micah was even born. So this post is specifically for Micah. He needs a little attention too! (:
I mean. Just look at those dimples!!

P.S. I still don't have a new laptop yet.. :( 
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