Monday, August 26, 2013

Getting Fit. Staying Fit. And Eating Healthy

If you have been following me on any social network, you'll know that I have been working out...I've been going on six a.m. runs as if I could just go home right after and go to sleep. Well that's not the case. I actually have to stay up and watch me babies the rest of the day. The sleep does hit me right around 4:30 p.m. It's weird. My eyes will be ready to shut down and the rest of my body is still going. But you know what? That's just the perks of being a mother. I'm not complaining because I actually have never felt as good as I do now since becoming a mother. I feel awesome. I have bunches and loads of energy just harvesting inside my body. haha did that sound weird? It's true though! I have been running at least 3 miles or more every morning for two weeks now, and after I come home and do all of my yoga stretching I feel the best. I'm so proud of myself. I'ts so hard for me to get motivated. I've been putting off (working out) for so long. I always made plenty of excuses not to, but thanks to Pinterest and Evan I've realized that I need to start taking care of myself better. I think this getting fit trend has really hit the spot for me. I mean. Kudos for who ever made being fit and eat healthy sexy. No? It's so much better than starving yourself to look like one of the models walking down the runway, not that I ever saw that path as an option for me. But c'mon, who honestly wants to be that skinny anyways?? 

Based on my new profound love of the running arts, I am now training my mother to run as well. I think it's doing her justice so far. She feels good post work out and so do I. Win win. I think it's funny when we go running I always have my Nike Running App open and shuffling all of my worship music and since I don't have headphones I go ahead and let the music play aloud. I'ts really alleviating. Instead of reading my Bible first thing in the morning, I run and worship at the same time and it feels so so so good. It's my time with God, especially when I go solo. I love it.

I've also have been trying to eat healthier. I've been eating more avocados than ever, lots fruits and vegetables. I'm trying my best to stay away from ice cream and other sweets. I can do it! Just wishing temptation wasn't yelling at me, "hey Cesia..come buy me!" every where I go. I haven't completely quit drinking coke yet either...I know I know. Shame on me. but It's soo hard to just quit cold turkey. I'm used to drinking at least one 32 ounce everyday. That's bad isn't it? Well if you live in Missouri, it's normal to drink that much or more everyday.

Hope every one continues to have an awesome week! It sure is going well for me so far!