Monday, July 29, 2013

Yogi Chik

I just want to know one person who really does yoga. I don't know of any friends or family members that you could call a dedicated fit yoga person. I mean, I've been to a few yoga classes but I'm always one of the most non-flexible unbalanced person in the room. My aunt is pretty flexible, she's been to maybe just as much Yoga classes as I have been to, but she's not a regular yoga chik either. The reason for this post is because lately I have been obsessing over getting fit and mainly wanting to start yoga. It's always fascinated me the ways your body can move and I've been looking at a ton of yoga poses on Pinterest. I'ts just mind boggling to know that YOUR body can do this pose or that pose even, if you are consistent and actually try hard at it.
 So this pose... Not sure what It's called but c'mon! Really? This pose is unreal. Well it's real but you know what I mean. This is my new goal. I am going to be a legit yogi chik. Yep. Only so that one day I can do this pose and the pose below as well. I will be the biggest show off too. (: Just kidding but you know, If you could do both of these poses and looked that good you'd show off too. Sometime soon I will start going to yoga classes and actually stick to it. 
Images: Via Pinterest