Sunday, July 14, 2013


I feel like I've been so busy these past couple of days, even with Evan being out for gunnery. The days go by so fast just hanging out with my little guys. I've also been practicing my music a lot more. It's still hard for me to practice my piano though because Micah always comes over and starts to bang on the keys! haha Before it was Judah and now Micah. ahhh babies. At least I can practice my guitar with out him being able to reach me, and I can always sing too! No one can interfere with that! They just join me in song... even though with them, it's just making really loud out of tune noises. You know how that goes.
This past week I've been hanging out with my friend and mom to be Christina! and she got me hooked on this lifetime show call Pretty Wicked Moms.. It's pretty ridiculous really. It's about all of these super rich moms who are...well the title says it, wicked. It's like high school all over again but with moms. Drama drama drama. 
Also just yesterday I went to get my hair cut. It may not look like much of a difference to any one else but I can tell the difference. I love it!! I got long layers all around and I got my hair color fixed too. When I dyed my hair black I combined two different black colors together and It ended up turning my hair this greenish color in a couple of areas. SO It's fixed now! and it's not as black anymore. Thank God! Seriously though. 
I've been pinning it up here lately as well and I've been finding all of these awesome projects that I seriously want to do! I've been super inspired. Thank you pinterest! It may take me a while to get to it though, only because we don't quite have the funds at hand. Time to start saving up! My next place has to feel more like home! Where ever we go next I am not living on post. no no no.
And Judah Just broke my laptop so now I have to get a new one! :/ I'm finishing this post up on my husband's computer. What make little people think it's okay to just push the laptop off if the table??? I'm so sad. Any ways..
Hope everyone is having an awesome week!