Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I'm Not A Teenager Anymore

While the husband was gone, I got to spend time with my friend Christina! She is such a sweetheart! Since it was just the littles and us, she took me out to eat at Texas Road House for my actual Birthday. While we were eating, there was always "Yee Ha's!" being yelled around and they danced to the song Footloose every time it came on. Everyone stopped what they were doing just to do a dance routine to that song. I thought it was pretty funny. The atmosphere was really great. I wasn't aware that they did anything for Birthdays either, so when I heard some more "Yee ha's!" and clapping I was expecting them to do another dance routine but no. They put me on this saddle and yelled to everyone in the restaurant that it was my Birthday and to give a big "Yee ha!!" and I had to swing the handkerchief around in the air all the while. Pretty fun stuff. Oh and I'm not a teenager anymore. I feel awkward. Being a teenager always made me feel young. Now that I'm twenty, that's just telling me that in twenty more years I will be forty and then twenty years later, I will be sixty. It never stops. Kind of scary to think about. ba ba ba...

Also, that night in honor of it being my Birthday, we decided to make Angel Food Cake. We failed. It was bad. We followed the directions to the perfection but then when it was in the oven it started to over flow. So we took the cake out and scooped the batter that was overflowing out, and when we put it back in the oven to bake the rest of the way, the cake deflated and it came out super lopsided and uneven. We had a pretty good laugh. At least it tasted good!

On a side note, my husband is back from the field! I'm beyond happy! I always hate it when they have to go out to the field. When Evan is home I always look forward to seeing him when he gets off work. I cook as best as I can to impress him when he gets home and I make sure his laundry is all done and put away. You know? He's my something that motivates me to be up on my feet everyday besides the littles. I missed him like crazy and I'm so glad he's back. Also, I don't have a new computer yet. The only reason I was able to do this post is because I got the littles to bed early last night, so I connected my laptop to the living room television, I edited my photos, re-sized them and put them up on here. I am using my husbands computer at the moment to write.  It will suffice for now. Now I have to save up money for a new one! New is always nice, considering I had  my Toshiba laptop for three years. 
Anyways, I hope everyone is having an awesome week!