Saturday, July 6, 2013

and then...this happened

I can't really say that Evan gave it to me personally...I picked up the UPS box outside thinking it was something I had ordered online a couple days ago. I was excited to finally get it, and then It wasn't what I ordered. It was this. I can honestly say that I was not expecting this! Evan was playing games online with his brother Ethan at the time. He had no idea it was here already! So I came in with the box and said thank you! He just laughed was all sort of funny and probably didn't turn out the way he had planned for it to. I'm so very blessed to have an amazing, loving, caring, and thoughtful husband like Evan. I really wasn't expecting to get a present or anything at all until he came back from gunnery. Later on in the day I got to have some birthday cake! I didn't really have a chance to take any photos of that. Sorry! 
Oh! I also tried to tie the Tiffany Bow back on correctly for the photo above but...It's harder than you think. I went ahead and looked up a tutorial and still couldn't get it to look pretty. So you know. Oh well.
I'm starting to learn that being an Army Wife means you have to celebrate special occasions and the Holidays whenever you can. My birthday is the 18th of this month. Yes I will be alone with my littles over here, but all is good. All I need is Jesus and my littles to be happy and content. I would be happier if Evan was able to spend it with me though. Oh well I guess that's just the perks of being an Army Wife. 
Three hearts, three keys.