Thursday, June 20, 2013

This Is The New Normal

You know the videos YouTube has of little three and four year olds playing an instrument or singing a certain song and they sound amazing too?? Well I got to do these children become so talented at such a young age?? Judah can't even speak clearly yet and he's two, not that I'm trying to rush him or anything because each child is different. I'm just amazed every time I see anyone 6 years old and younger play the piano just as good as Beethoven, or play the guitar almost as good as Tommy Emmanuel. I mean these children ought to dedicated little I right? I wonder how many children are super talented that aren't on YouTube or any other video websites. Watching these videos believe it or not makes me want to teach my littles how to play an instrument...starting now. I mean why wait? I know how to play the piano up to an extent and I just started learning how to play the guitar. They say children learn with their hands first. It doesn't matter if Judah can speak good yet or not. I can teach him with my hands and he'll learn with his. So I guess this is my new challenge. 

I spoke with my sister today and she was telling me about this new study she read about in The Atlantic. This article reads on different people's perspective on how too much technology for our children can handicap the brain in the future, and everything I read in this article "The Touch-Screen Generation" makes complete sense. Although, I'm pretty sure she didn't read the entire article, because in this article it never discourages using electronics. It reads about other parents perspectives about their littles using technology. There are however many theories about all kinds of electronics and educational learning apps for our children. I want to make the best choice for my little ones. This is why I've decided to start limiting my phone, computer, and television from my littles. I have to make and build new habits for my children. Judah gets bored fast and always goes back to wanting to play with my phone or watch tv and I usually let him just to avoid him screaming or throwing a fit. I didn't realize that in the process of spoiling him I was also letting it become his addiction. One to many times I just give him my phone to calm him down when we're in public. My phone was being used as a pacifier. I mean it always works. Sometimes Judah would go into what one person's perspective in this article called a 'zombie effect' while on my phone. Which is not good at all.. I remember when I was little I would color for hours and have the time of my life, but i would still be aware of what was going on around me. I listened and I knew when someone would call my name, and no one ever goes into a trance while coloring, and now my son can't even color for ten minutes with out getting bored or wanting to do something else (a.k.a. play with a touch screen). I did consider for a second trying the 'Prensky Rules' but decided against it. 

So I started today. I spent an hour with Judah on the piano while Micah watched and listened and he actually seemed to have fun. I was also surprised he didn't get bored with it, which was alright with me! Then I got the guitar out and started to sing and play songs and he tried to sing along with me, all at the same time twirling in circles and jumping up and down. I'm not as great as he probably thinks I am. haha but it was a start. I also bought him a preschool coloring work book. I made him sit down and I had to color and go through a few pages with him for him to actually have some fun. I noticed that If I don't color with him, he quits after about 5-10 minutes. So this is going to be the new normal. It's decided. Although I will most likely still let him play with my phone if he decides to start a tantrum while at a restaurant. I like to eat in peace. Who doesn't?