Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Great Race

Please enjoy this mix while you scroll down and drool over all of these antique cars you only wish was sitting in your parking spot at home.
This one in particular was my favorite. Don't ask me why. 1928 Ford Model A Boattail Speedster.
As far as I was informed, this was supposed to be an antique car parade. I figured the road would be blocked off for antique cars only but I was wrong. All the main traffic was allowed through with the show. Luckily the company I was with were handing out goody bags to all of the drivers, so we were able to stop and slow them down.
Later on in the day I found out that down by the river, all of these beauties actually parked for people to see and take better pictures. O well, until next time, whenever that is.
There were more cars than the ones I have pictured, just an FYI. I wasn't able to get good pictures of all the cars because Judah kept trying to run out on the street. Kind of scary. Luckily my brother Josiah was there to help me out with the kids!