Sunday, June 30, 2013

That Good Feelin

The sweet smell of summer. I don't even care about the humidity in Mo, but here in KS there's that nice summer breeze that I always love so much and look forward to when I come home...and there's my husband too but I'll talk brag about him later. So no, the drive to KS was horrible. I mean who likes to drive eight hours with screaming little people in the back seat? I can't help but just feel sorry for them and myself. I mean, if I were little, I think I'd be screaming too. Once I arrived before I even went home, I met up with my darling husband and some friends for dinner. It was really nice and needed after a long drive. I want to say that I went home and slept for hours, but I didn't. I went home and unpacked some and seriously just lounged and played with my kids with all of the energy I had left in me for the day. Saturday morning though, we all woke up early. We decided to go check out the farmer's market in Manhattan, since we've never been. Yep that's how we started our day. The Farmer's Market was bigger than the one we have in Cape, but the one in Cape has more to offer. We initially came here hoping to find some home made soothing balms for baby rash and sunburns but instead I came across these garden stakes. I thought they were pretty cool. I ended up buying two of them before I left.
^^We hit up some home made jams as well! Peach please! ^^
Now just let me brag on my husband for a moment. He went away for three weeks for WLC a.k.a Warrior Leader Course. He came back with a Distinguished Honor Graduate certificate (not pictured) and this hard wood plaque. I am so very proud of him and I'm proud to be his wife. Not only does he got the looks but he's also got the brains. Evan is a boss. Hence the title, I would say that yes, I am feelin real good.