Monday, June 24, 2013

Romance Is Boring...Unless You're Two Years Old

When you're two years old, that's the best time to be flirty or romantic. Why you ask? Because they're never going to remember it when they grow older. They'll only hear the stories from mom and dad, that they will always shy away from or deny completely. 
Meet Judah: Two + Katherine: Two; She's the Birthday girl, hence the pink Cinderella dress.
I couldn't get enough of these two! It was them two against everyone else in the playground. Judah even ended up pushing his cousin away so he couldn't get close to Katherine. That was definitely a 'No bueno momento', but still kind of funny. You can only imagine Judah's reaction when we had to leave (he had to leave Katherine). He was cranky, tired, and due for a serious nap, but I'm sure he would have been more happy if Katherine went home with us...Not going to happen anytime soon bud.
One good thing did come out of this though; they taught each other how to hang on the monkey bars.