Monday, May 13, 2013

O Me O My

Mother's Day went well. I woke up early with intentions of going to church and then realized that I woke up too late to get to church on time.. I always feel so guilty for missing church when I do. So then I decided to dress up nice anyways and go out. We didn't go out right away because after I got the boys ready to go, we all fell asleep on the couch some how..We woke up, laughed at the fact that we all fell asleep at the same time, and since it was noon we went out for brunch. It was Mother's Day after all! My second to be exact! So happy to be the mother of two wonderful little boys, and the wife of a sort of wonderful husband! ;) 
Evan made Mother's Day one of the best. He treated me like I was a queen. He took me out for lunch, and bought me some Orchids. Such a lovely little detail that is warming to the heart. Evan even cleaned the kitchen and washed all the dishes with out me asking. This is probably the second time he's washed the dishes since we've been married...kind of a big deal. So YES, I was very happy and mostly surprised. Evan Lane Love, I love you.
Evan also bought me this dress for Mother's Day at a local shop by the name of Fortuity. I'm in love with this dress. A plus note on this dress, I can wear it if ever get pregnant in the future! I love love love flowy dresses.
I hope all of you mothers had a wonderful Mother's Day like I did!
Happy Monday!