Friday, May 17, 2013

Going On Vacation

1. I can walk down the beach naked with my littles with out disturbing the peace.
2. My madre is becoming a year older, which means I have to be there for her.
3. I get to leave the bi polar heartland weather for a week.
4. I can make sand angels in the sand con mi hermana y mis ninos.
5. Evan's not going..(just kidding, wish he was!) and since he's not going...
6. There's absolutely no chance I'm getting pregnant while I'm on vacation.
7. My parents can take care of the kids while I relax...
8. I can whip my hair back and forth on purpose just to get salt water in people's eyes.
9. Collect sea shells...just because. Why not?
10. Befriend a mystical creature with mystical powers who will eventually turn against me and try to take over the island, which then will lead to the Justice league coming to my rescue.

Don't you just love making checklists and packing?? I don't. I like to pack light but the problem with that is, I always feel like I'm forgetting something and then I begin to wonder if I should bring more clothes or this or that...etc etc. I am again nervous about the plane ride. I don't think I ever told you about the plane ride to and fro from when I went to Seattle.. No bueno. 
If it wasn't for the 'grandpa' sitting next to us, I don't think I would or could have made it without losing my patience. I really hope that this time will be different and Judah will be more calm. 

So If you didn't get the catch earlier, I'm going to the Bahamas! That means I won't be blogging, instagraming, facebooking, or tweeting all week. Sorry amigos!
Now if you excuse me, I have to go watch Marykate & Ashley's movie Holiday in the Sun.