Saturday, April 6, 2013

What I Love

I love the way both of you smile when you see me. I love the way you play with each other. I the way you make every day a challenge. I love when you reach out your arms for me to hold you..
I love how energetic and full of life you are. I love how wild you are. I even love it when you are quiet. I love hearing you laugh. I even love it when either one of you scream...sometimes.
I love how you make me feel like a rock star just by dancing when I sing or play an instrument. I love watching you grow more and more each day into an amazing little man. I love making new memories with you every second. I love watching you explore the new things. 
I love it when you randomly ask for besitos (kisses). I love hearing you say "mama!" repeatedly. I love the way you love me, like I'm going out of style.