Sunday, April 28, 2013

Up To Lately On A Sunday Night

This lovely Sunday I woke up extra early so I could get ready for church before anyone else woke up. You other mothers know how crazy the house gets once everyone's awake and then you end up going to church looking like a slum. Anyways, church went well as always. After church we went out to eat at The Chef, the only place in Manhattan worth going to breakfast for. Other than that, today I did absolutely nothing. And you know what? It felt great! I spent all of today playing with the kids and watching the Justice League. To my surprise the little ones hit the sack early, and you can only imagine what I did. I made myself a pb&j sandwich and poured myself a glass of milk. I sat down in the recliner, grabbed the ps3 controller and clicked on Netflix. I watched Sleepless In Seattle with no Judah shooting people with whatever toy he can find in the background, no one screaming or crying, and no one begging for me to hold them just to get back down a second later. It was a great night. Oh, and I might add that Evan watched it with me. He likes Tom Hanks. 

Watching Sleepless In Seattle made me want to meet Evan all over again just so I could some how make it more romantic. Maybe I'd run up to him in the rain just to tell him "You are the one" and then we'd have our first the rain, or maybe we would hold hands for the first time and just know. Did I ever tell you that I made the first move?? Yes I did. How modern am I? All in all I'm glad Evan is the way he is because, I believe if he was as romantic like all these guys in the movies I would have laughed thinking it was some kind of joke and ran away. I've never been the type to fall for sweet romantic types. I've always been the chic who thought romance is boring. Heck, I even have a shirt that says so. But deep down inside there's that part of me that secretly loves it all. I have to admit, every time I watch a Nora Ephron movie I get in these crazy lovey dovey moods. Everything is freshh, every thing is cool, no care in the world, it's just me and my man. I might add that the day dreams I have we're in some sort of city. Just because the city is romantic for some reason that I can't explain. As of right now, I just keep thinking of Seattle. It's such a romantic city, no? I don't know if it's the smell of all the fresh market foods, the way the lights reflect off of the ground from all the rain, or all of the people walking around that might be in you future some how or another. 
Well I'm beat, that's all for tonight.
Good night.