Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tourist In Seattle: Parte 2

We walked all day in this weather. We are crazy, but I only had less than a week in Seattle to be adventurous. So there was only one thing to do. We faced the cold rain and took refuge in small local shops along the way. Not bad eh? We walked from downtown Seattle to Capitol Hill just for all the cute local shops and of course a few record and book shops that were a 'must'. I was not disappointed. Went home with some of my favorite vinyls; The Turtles, The Carpenters, Cole Porter, and the best of all Beruit. No books were purchased because they were ridiculously expensive. Although there were some great selections to choose from, I'll just have to buy them off Amazon for ten dollars cheaper. Who's with me? 
I've never been to Paris, but I'd like to think Seattle is just as beautiful in the rain as people say Paris is.
Saturday we went to Sculpture Park. It was another must. It rained all day that day. It was kind of disappointing. We had plans to go to Gas Works but that didn't happen because of the weather. I picked a bad week to go (weather wise). I'll just have to visit again when the weather is nice. Not a bad excuse to take another trip eh? Pretty sure the littles wouldn't mind either. 

Stay tuned this week! More to come!