Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tourist In Seattle: Parte 1

I don't know where to begin. Maybe I should start with the fact that Seattle is beautiful, or with the fact that their is food everywhere you go, or with the simple fact that anyone who comes here won't get bored easily. Upon my arrival to Seattle, the first thing I noticed was how green everything is! It was kind of almost shocking but understandable considering how much it rains there. 

I don't know how to explain it, but when I was in Seattle, I felt free. Maybe It's because back here in Kansas I'm always cooped up in the house all week with nothing to do. I'm always trying to find things to do to keep the littles and I busy trying to have fun. At least it's getting close to feeling like Spring and we can start going outside soon! Back to my week in Seattle, I was inspired by all the businesses there; seeing it made me believe anything was possible. All of the people that walk everywhere they go; It really opened my eyes as to how lazy a lot of people are these days (I'm included) I was sore just from the first day of walking and I thought I was really working out back home. Oh no. I got more of a work out in one day of walking everywhere than I got from working out everyday for a whole week at home I'm sure. All of the musically talented people; I couldn't get enough of, not just the people singing on the streets but all of the really awesome music that was playing constantly in all of the shops and restaurants. All the food I had while I was there...well I can't even go into that now, which is why I'm going to dedicate a post just for the food in a couple days!
In my last post, this is the library I was talking about. The one that is ten stories high, mostly full of archives. Yea. They have some awesome neon escalators. They also had a floor called 'The Red Floor'. The floor was all red, even the stairs. It was pretty cool.
The next day we went to the Science Center
Judah had lots of fun...and this is Toni freaking out because she felt weird carrying Micah in the baby sling. Funny stuff. 
And then we headed off to the Space Needle since it was pretty much next door! So pretty! The building next to it is the EMP Museum. We had plans to go but then decided not to because the little ones (mainly Judah) would be bored the entire time.
I hope you enjoyed some of my pictures so far. Stay tuned because there are lots more to come!