Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tourist In Seattle: Food Special

Biscuit Bitch. Get the Easy Bitch. The best biscuits and gravy you will ever have in your life! Also If you go to Seattle make sure you get the local coffee! It's better than Starbucks coffee. Sorry Starbucks lovers. Just letting the truth be told!
If this was the only place I went to in Seattle I would say it was the BEST restaurant I've ever been to and the BEST food I've ever had in my life, but because we went to so many places to eat, it's hard to compare. All the food in Seattle is just so amazingly delicious! This place here is called the Pink Door and if you are in Seattle you can't not go to this restaurant! 
It was Seattle Restaurant Week the week I was there so we got three entrees for $28. I had the signature Lasagna Pink Door. Let me tell you, after you have had this lasagna you will never go back  to regular lasagna. This was the BEST Lasagna I have ever had. You're probably getting tired of me say the best this and the best that but I don't care because It's the TRUTH! For dessert I had Tiramisu and it was divine. Heaven in my mouth. Not pictured here, I had sauteed calamari for the first time in my life (don't know why I didn't take a picture of it..Sorry). Did I like it?? Yess! It tastes like chicken.. kind of..only more tender and more flavor. I'm expanding my taste buds finally!
Here is the best dark chocolate milk shake I've ever had and of course you have to have some fries with your milk shake of any kind.
I decided to try a The Vegan (vegan burrito) at Bang Bang Cafe for breakfast. If you like spicy, this is your burrito.
First time eating Eggs Benedict. I think know I'm in love! I'm going to make this, this weekend. Hopefully it turns out super delicious! I'm very excited!
I remember talking on and on about how Cracker Barrel has the best French Toast. I was wrong. I finally found a place that serves French Toast that tastes even better than Cracker Barrel's...Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge. Also where I ate the Eggs Benedict. mm mmm mmmm. More heaven.
Here is Pork Belly Pot Roast Keish. So so so so good! A brunch special at the French Restaurant Toni works at, Bastille Cafe & Bar.
Super delicious Vegan Burger called the 'Bear Burger'. No people I am not going Vegan. I don't like limits on my food. haha But who would ever think of making fried chick peas patties!?
This here was the last meal I had in Seattle, Pha Soup with Chicken at the Long Vietnamese Restaurant. I know this picture doesn't do it any justice but it was delicious. I have to be honest though, at first I thought it tasted weird but just like my sister said I left wanting more. It actually sounds pretty yummy right now.

Being in Seattle I have really expanded my taste buds like no other place I have ever been. Seattle's food makes the food I eat on a daily basis seem so boring. Here I was/am trying to be a better cook and I didn't even know what was good. Now I know what's really good! So hopefully I'll be able to start making the really tasty stuff! I hoped you enjoyed this Seattle Food Special just for you!