Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Evergreen State

First day of being in the city was something else. There is so much to do here in Seattle. I am positive that we won't get to see and do everything before I leave. I'll just have to come back for another visit. 
For my mother-in-law Sonya, this is for you. I thought it was neat that there was a bar named after you.
I took this picture in passing when we were on our way to brunch. We ate at the Biscuit Bitch. They have THE BEST biscuits and gravy you will ever eat in your entire life. Just sayin. I am definitely eating here before I leave. 
After brunch we walked to the farmer's market and we decided to stop by the first Starbucks Coffee ever. Pretty cool if you ask me.
We then walked up steep hills just to get to the Columbia Center, the tallest building in the Pacific Northwest. It was a beautiful site. Seattle looks so small from up there. Here's a picture of the Space Needle for you. We're going there hopefully today or tomorrow. To end the day we went to the biggest library I have ever been to. Ten story library? I've never been until yesterday.