Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mango Infused Pancake Cupcakes!! Waaa?? With Some Bacon on the side

I made this for breakfast and it was delish! I'm serious. I was watching Brunch at Bobby's on the cooking channel and he made the same thing only with apples. Well I didn't have any apples on me but I did have mango's... so I thought, why not give this a try. Glad I did because It was an amazing dish!
Mango glaze recipe here. Pancake batter recipe here
I put it in the oven for thirty minutes and at 15 minutes I took it out and put some freshly chopped mango's inside the pancake cupcake batter so it could bake inside. Yummy!
If Judah thought this dish was delish! Your kids will too! Plus, It's healthy. Why not?