Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If You're Happy, I'm Happy

Our Monday afternoon was spent at the ball park, due to Evan playing flag football. I didn't mind getting out of the house considering how great it felt out side. 80 degrees! Si, too bad it's not expected to last. Forecast is calling for snow this Thursday...craziness. I have a love/hate relationship with Spring. I love it because the weather is nice (supposed to be nice) and I love how green the grass becomes and all the beautiful flowers you see every where you go. I love the rain and the way it smells. What I hate about it...the allergies. Oh the allergies are the worst. This time of year is when my skin gets real itchy and I get rashes in the most random places. I absolutely hate it. I think that's the only thing I hate about Spring. Not bad.

While Evan played football, Judah and I strolled Micah around the trail near the baseball fields. We stopped many times just so Judah could run the bases at each field. It was fun to watch. We played in the grass the most. What do you call the really thick grass?? You know, the ones you can put between your fingers and blow and it makes a whistle sound?? Well I tried to show Judah how to do it but he just enjoyed watching me do it. Maybe when he's older he'll actually try. One little detail I thought was very memorable was when he noticed the sky for the first time. He was strolling Micah along and stopped abruptly and looked up. He gasped pointing up at the sky and got really excited and his eyes were popping out. It was the cutest thing. I told him that it was the sky and all the white poofy things are clouds. He thought it was very interesting and the rest of the night he kept pointing up saying "sky" repeatedly. I'm not sure of every thing he tries to tell me but I'm pretty sure if I could understand him, I would be even more entertained.
It's hard to express the joy my children give me. They are so full of life and all smiles. It's true what they say, if you just smile you'll feel better instantly. Don't you agree?? Besides, it's hard to be down when you have little ones to brighten up your day, no? 
I hope everyone is having a great week!