Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eggs Benedict & French Toast

This past weekend my side of the family came up for Judah's 2nd Birthday! Made me so happy! Obviously I had to show off some of my cooking skills thus far. I took my hand at making Eggs Benedict. I couldn't get over how delicious it tasted in Seattle and I had to make it for my parents. It tasted really good and had a ton of flavor, especially with the thick cut maple syrup bacon I put with it. To my dismay it did not taste as good as Toulouse Petit's, but at least I tried right? Besides it was only my first time making this, so I have yet to try many more times. The recipe I used for the Eggs Benedict, here. I have to say though, It took me longer than I expected, to make the hollandaise sauce. Other than that, everything else was easy peasy.

I make french toast all the time. Every time is different. Some times it's a success and others not so much, but this time was the best of all. I got lucky with my parents and both of my brothers being in town. My dad even called me today saying he wanted some of my french toast. Not bad eh? Not bad..
Too bad it's not my own. French Toast recipe here. Enjoy!!!