Thursday, April 4, 2013

Birthday Wish List...Judah Is Turning TWO!

1. Baghera Classic Pedal Car. $180. It's a little bit pricey but it's so cute and as active as Judah is, I'm sure he wouldn't mind pedaling those little legs of his! Also It's for his birthday! Why not??
2. Art Easel. $89 I've been wanting one of these for a long time and I'm sure Judah would love it too. He's already drawing on the wall with whatever he can find so why not get him this cute easel?? If I do decide on this, I'm definitely going to try and find a cheaper one!
3. ABC Blocks in Spanish. $36.95 Believe it or not I have not yet purchased ABC blocks for Judah or Micah for that matter. It's about time I do, and if it's in Spanish all the better.
4. Organic Cotton Arrow Leggings $38 These are just the most adorable leggings for toddlers that I have ever seen! I want them bad! These are also made in the USA.
5. Personalized Name Puzzle. $23 What better way to learn how to spell your name? Puzzles are fun!

Judah turns two this month! I'm kind of nervous. It's crazy to think that only 23 months ago Judah was so tiny with his adorable cute tiny hands and feet, and that handsome tiny smile of his. I was able to hold him every second and cuddle with him all the time, and now he's climbing literally everything he can, and running like a wild child, and bouncing off the walls. My little boy is growing up!
I'm obviously not going to buy all of these. I'm just throwing out some of my favorite picks!
Let me know what you think!