Friday, March 8, 2013

Vinyl Clock - DIY

 So I decided to do this thing. Saw it on Etsy for mucho dinero. I can't afford. Then I thought 'hey, I have a lot of Vinyls, I can make this thing myself.. right? I mean how hard is it to make a clock? Not very.' So there. I did it. Not hard at all. Unless of course you wanted to get all fancy and cut the numbers all around. I didn't even dare to try that. I would most likely fail and ruin a few vinyls which I'm not willing to do.
So here are the Essentials..
Went to Hobby Lobby and Picked up these items. I already had the vinyl. Sorry Lynn Anderson. I don't listen to you enough. So instead I'm putting you up for decoration. I hope that's okay. (:
 First, I measured out the numbers the best I could using the ruler and the eraser on the pencil to mark where I would place the numbers. I got these gold adhesive numbers so I wouldn't have to glue each one on there and worry about the glue sticking out on the sides. 
I do not own a hand clock, so I had to buy the piece for it, but If you do have a hand clock that you don't want anymore take it apart and use that piece instead of going out and buying one. Easy peasy. I had to super glue mine to the back for it to stay on there.
Then put in that small little battery and woala. 
So easy! Now it's up on the wall next to my refrigerator. So nice. (:
If you decide to make one too, have fun!