Thursday, March 28, 2013

Unplugged: Spotted

Day numero dos of unplugged. We did the same things we did Monday, only today we played for hours with all of Judah's and Micah's toys. Long story short, we had lots of fun and lots of bonding time. I don't think Judah knew he had so many toys. Some of the toys we played with, even I forgot we had! To think of it, it's pretty ridiculous how much time we let slip through our fingers just watching television or being on the computer or your phone for hours. I will tell you this, I haven't had as much time to clean clean now that we are unplugged. Before I would sit Judah in front of the television while I'd go wash the dishes or do the laundry and clean the floors. The past few days I've been waiting for the little ones to take a nap to do the cleaning. 

We also made some pudding...and maybe it was a bad idea to let Judah have his own bowl...
Then again, maybe it wasn't. Watching Judah make a huge mess and fling pudding all over the kitchen was the funniest thing! I wish I had got it all on film! Oh well. I had a really good laugh! I didn't even care that I had to scrub the walls and chairs down after. I do feel bad for Chancho. Poor Chancho was outside while his house was being invaded by the chocolate pudding monster.