Friday, March 29, 2013

Unplugged: Baby Cow Moo

 Went out to the mail box to get the mail and I received an advertisement for the Hildebrand Farms Dairy. Only about 15 minutes away! I was (still am) super excited! So as soon as Ev got off work we headed out to the farm to get fresh milk and ended up talking to baby cows. How sweet. We had so much fun. Judah has never been this close to baby cows before! or grown up cows for that matter. He was overly excited when we went out back behind the store to see all the cows. There was a lot. I don't think I've been around so many cows all at once in my life. To be honest I was kind of shocked when the man told me these baby cows were only two weeks old. I thought they would be much smaller than they are at two weeks! Goes to show how fast our little ones grow.
Judah tried to pet the baby cow and scared him. So silly. Love these little moments.
Once It was time to leave you can only imagine Judah's reaction... He was devastated.
Good news! Now I know where to come to get fresh farm milk and eggs! They also carry meats, cheeses, creams, ice cream, butter, salsa, and different kinds of honey! All local foods! I've never been this excited about milk before. I've never even tasted such amazingly delicious milk before! I'm definitely getting my milk from here from now on.