Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reading With Children

Confession. With my first child, Judah, I never read with him when he was itty bitty. I actually started reading to him when he turned one. I wish I would have started earlier. That's okay though. It's never to late to start reading with your little ones right? I'm trying to be the best teacher I can for my children. I feel know that children learn more when you read to them. I think that when I had Judah I was so wrapped up around how to be a good mother and going a little bit crazy with keeping things super clean and worrying about when Judah was going to smile, sit up, talk, crawl, etc. I didn't even think about reading to him and making a habit out of it. Now he's always to busy to sit down and read with me. So what I do is, every time it's time to eat, I buckle him in his chair and I read to him while he eats or plays with his food and he listens. I think it's doing me good thus far. 

Lately I've been looking and searching for toddler Spanish books (In book stores of course). I could hardly find any and if I did find any, the books would be half English and half Spanish and very expensive. I just wanted a flat out Spanish book, no English. So I went on Amazon and found a great amount of Spanish books for cheap! I was shocked that I never looked on Amazon before. So happy I did though. I bought a total of seven books in Spanish to read to Judah and Micah for only 2-4 dollars each. If you can't already tell, I get pretty excited about books. Very excited!
Why Spanish books you ask? Well, It's good for all kids to grow up learning two languages If possible. In this case it is possible. I speak fluent Spanish, so why not teach him? It'll only benefit my sons more when they are older. They'll have more opportunities in life (job wise). When we go to Mexico to visit family and friends they'll be able to make friends quick just because they know the language.  That being said, here I go with my best attempt to teach my little ones as much as I can with all the best intentions.
When we first walked in the room, he saw that toy and he ran to the table just so he could play with it. He saw me take out my camera, looked at me and said "Cheese!". Then he looked around and saw all the books. Judah is very curious, so you can only imagine what happened next.
and there he goes trying to find the most alluring book he can find. He took out a book, looked at the cover, then put it back, repeatedly. He finally made a decision and chose to read a Dr. Seuss book that we already have at home. Silly boy. All the while, Micah was bored and slowly falling asleep.