Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Potty Training and Sleeping Cuties

Is it like this for all boys?? I never thought I'd say this but, potty training has got to be the most hardest job I've ever had to do. All the accidents, all the scrubbing, all the washing, and plenty of Febreeze all day every day. I've been to plenty of websites and blogs on how to potty train your boy and to my dismay, none of them work like they say they do. 'Get your little one potty trained in THREE DAYS' nope didn't happen, 'A WEEK' nope not yet.. Yep all the ones were limited to one week. Well it's been almost three weeks with Judah and he's still not fully potty trained. No one says how to train them not to wet the bed all night. How in the world do I get him to quit using diapers overnight? I've tried the cloth diapers overnight but it doesn't hold more than one pee and then it's just a big messy night and no sleep for anyone...yes Judah is still sleeping in bed with me. So what?? haha he's too adorable to kick out of bed.  We'll get to where he's sleeping in his own bed soon enough. 
 Speaking of sleeping habits, Micah is starting to get a tad bit jealous I believe. With Micah, since he's been born, I've always had him sleeping on his own in the bassinet or the crib since I had Judah in the bed with me, and trust me Judah kicks...a lot. Thing is, Micah has never ever cried about anything other than being hungry or his diaper needing to be changed. I've never had to deal with Micah crying to sleep on his own until recently of course. I'm pretty sure he's starting to notice that Judah is sleeping in bed with me and he doesn't get to. I think he feels left out. Truth is, I need to get Judah out of my bed pronto so that Micah doesn't feel this way. What do you think??
At least they love each other. (:
Yes, they are twinkies today in case you were wondering.