Thursday, March 21, 2013

It Can Be Done

 Some of you already know that Judah is still in the process of potty training. Man it is hard! I did some more research and came across this page (Baby Center), it said that it can take up to 8-10 months to potty train a boy...wha??? But then my mother-in-law sent me this video and I'm hoping that it doesn't take as long as Baby Center says it will, and I have high hopes of maybe starting to potty train Micah at six months. What do ya think?

Also, Small Fry is doing this Unplugged shananigan for a week. Seven days straight! I want to try this and hopefully I am successful. So next week you guys, I'm starting this shin dig. No television or computer all day everyday (well until the littles are asleep for me). Do you know what this means!!?? I'm going to have to find fun things to do all day and something different everyday...This actually sounds really fun now that I'm thinking about it. If you have ANY ideas of fun activities I can do with an almost 2 year old and a six month old let me know! It would be much appreciated!