Monday, March 18, 2013

Bear Talk

So here's the story. All of my family and friends know how horrible I am at bowling. I'm very competitive, so you can only imagine how upset I would be at only getting less than 30 pins each game I've ever played. Well ladies and gents, this past Friday night was a success! I didn't win but I didn't lose, but I did good enough to have my night made. I was on fire! Not literally. At one point I was beating everyone and with my luck I had few gutters that brought me down. Lets just say I had a good night, and I didn't have the kids with me. That is all.
On Saturday we took a drive to Topeka just so we could feed the Giraffes. They are so beautiful and calm. This little girl's name is Hope. Isn't she precious!? They call her the miracle baby, because she had some complications when she was born. I can't remember exactly what the man said, but basically this gal almost didn't make it. Due to the cold weather, Judah was very cranky and he didn't want to feed the Giraffes. Next time maybe.
The Topeka Zoo wasn't that big and a lot of animals weren't out because of the cold weather, but overall we had fun. After the zoo we decided to do some shopping. I surprisingly did not purchase a thing! I did buy food obviously, but that is it. Surprised? I'm just really picky when it comes to spending money. Our friend Vanhoozen came along as well. Thought I should mention it. He's a lot of fun and made the trip memorable. 
Vanhoozen's the guy holding Judah. We bought the masks at the Zoo in case you were wondering. On the way home we wore them and looked at people passing by. We most likely looked stupid but we had fun. We made the little ones laugh and that's all that really matters. haha. They've got the bear necessities.