Sunday, February 10, 2013

Origami Love

This year for Valentines Day I decided to do something fun. Evan doesn't like cards. He doesn't care for them at all actually. Every time I give him a card of any sort, it ends up on the floor or somewhere It doesn't belong. Soo instead of making a card I thought about making an Origami Love Fortune Teller. I was originally going to make one for Judah just for fun. You know the basics, like red, green, blue, yellow. Ect. and then on the inside the fortune would read something along the lines of, "you will be able to count to ten before you turn 3", or abc's. Something cool.

I then thought.. hey! I should make this for Evan! It'll be cute and a fun little surprise. I was going to wait to give it to him for Valentines Day but since he won't be here for it, I gave it to him early. Yes, he really enjoyed it. I made mine with sketch paper and a black ball point pen. I didn't add any colors because It's for a guy.. I mean come on, no guy wants a glitterized pink origami thingy. So I left it simple. If you like this idea and want to make one and you don't know how to, I learned how to make it here.

I wanted to make him a chocolate cake because he loves anything with chocolate in it, but we're not going to even be together on Thursday. I think I've made that really clear. I guess if I'm up to it, we'll have our own little Valentines Day when he gets back. We'll see!

What are some of your ideas for the big day of love? Let me know!

And as for my 21 Day Hair Challenge goes, It is going along well. 
For days 7 & 8 I kind of cheated. I did the same hairstyle I had done already. Side braid, and the same hair do I did for day 2
As Saturday goes, Saturday was a cleaning day. So I did something simple.
Day 9. I watched Sex and the City yesterday. Carrie Bradshaw had her hair similar to this only it wasn't braided, it was teased.