Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Watchya Doin?

Unfortunately I have been under the weather for about two weeks now...well I'm over exaggerating maybe just a little. You know when you're sick for a few days but it feels like you've been sick for weeks? Ya that's what's going on here. A severe cold if you will. Not to much fun. I have to admit that I have been falling asleep on the job. Luckily Judah hasn't done anything wild while I was sleeping away on the couch. I might add that the first time I did get a book thrown at my face. That really hurt, and another time he squirted his milk from his sippy cup all over me. Not cool. But now that I look back...pretty funny although I have a bruise right under my right eye from that book. hehe. And if you are wondering about Micah, he sleeps most of the time and when he's not sleeping he just chills in the bassinet or the bouncer, such a calm little babe. 

I am in trouble. I can't lie, I missed two days of my 21 Day Bible Reading Challenge. So sad. I want to say that being sick was my excuse, but I keep hearing over and over in this little brain of mine "that's no excuse"...but that's why they call it a challenge right? It is in fact challenging. hehe. I am doing better with reading the Bible though. I've read and learned much so far, more than I used to. I'd go weeks without reading but now I feel like I have to read. I can't go to sleep until I read the Bible. I am glad that I'm making a habit reading the Bible everyday or at least trying to. This 21 Day Challenge is doing me good. 

Back to the two days that I missed, I felt soo guilty. Not only did I fail the Challenge but I missed TWO days! I can't believe it. I make a habit out of checking my facebook everyday, watching my novelas every night of the week, checking other peeps blogs, and a bunch of other stuff and on the two days that I missed, even though I was sick, I still checked facebook and I still watched my novelas. Shame on me. Right? I know I'm not the only one that does this. Mother. hehe (:
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21 Day Bible Reading Challenge
Missed days 12 & 13

Day 14 I read 2 Samuel 19. That was a long chapter.
Day 15 (today!) 1 Peter 4 & 5