Friday, January 4, 2013

Wake Up Call

Last night some one very close and dear to me was admitted to the hospital. This wasn't the first time either. I went to visit her this morning and for the first time since I've known her, I saw her cry. It broke my heart and I found myself at a loss for words. I assume she was scared for her life and what held for her in the future. I wanted to tell her "God has a plan for you and He loves you, you just have to open your heart to Him and pray for Him to give you peace." But at that moment I just couldn't open my mouth. Before I knew it she was the one changing the subject to what was on the t.v. I missed my opening to tell her what she really needed to hear.

 Later on today I was watching another one of my novelas that I like to watch and one of the main characters died from a car wreck, but before he died he told his mother to tell the woman he loved that he loved her. But at that very moment I got to thinking... (First off, I know it's a novela and in a novela they're not really going to do what I'm about to say) this guy died not knowing about Jesus. He died with out God in his heart. No one came to the hospital to tell him "God is waiting for you with open arms". This made me sad because I don't know if anyone told this some one very close and dear to me about God. I don't know if she has Jesus in her heart. I had my chance to tell her today and I didn't. I now wish that I could rewind to earlier today and tell her. I still have time to tell her. But I just thought what if she was to pass away tonight or early in the morning and I didn't get the chance to tell her. I would feel so much weight on my shoulders.
The lesson I learned today was to not wait until it's too late.
I have a feeling many people are scared to die mostly either because they're afraid of what's going to be on the other side, where they are going after death, or because they still have many things they want to do on earth before they die.
I know God is real in my heart but if you are a non believer or question the existence of heaven and hell, let me tell ya. It's better to be safe than sorry.
Main thing is we have to be ready at all times.