Monday, January 28, 2013

The Skies Are Changing Colors

Today was such a great day to go out and play, but because I was sick with a fever the day before, I really couldn't go out and play, unless of course I wanted to be sick longer.

Anyways, since I stayed in all day, I had a bunch of time to think, ponder, wonder, contemplate, and decide what my next 21 Day Challenge will be. Well I haven't really decided yet...Anyways as you might have read here, I've decided to change the whole 21 day challenge for 365 day thing. I've decided to start the challenge on the 1st of every month to make it a bit easier on myself...I'm not that great with numbers and I feel like I'd get confused on what day is what if I did it continuously. I'd be on like day 3 but it would be the 24th. Not that I'm not smart or anything. hehe

So here are a few of my ideas. Let me know what you think!
I was thinking, since I never ever do my hair, I could do my hair a different way for 21 days. 21 different hairstyles. I have such long hair and I always have it down, or in a pony tail. I wish I could do more with it. I'm sure I can, I just don't try hard enough. I've never been the one to do anything with my hair. When I was little my mom would always give me a cute do, but I'd always take it down. I don't know why. In high school, when I wanted my hair done a certain way, I'd always ask my sister to do it. She'd braid it, and curl it mainly. My hair is naturally straight so I hardly ever put an iron to my hair, unless I wanted that super sleek straight hair which only would take me maybe five minutes to do. Easy peasy. Also this one would really be a super challenge for me. It'd be like I'm setting myself up for failure. First of all, I would have to find the time to do my hair. Second, I would have to figure out how I want to do it. Third, I have no idea how to even braid my own hair...This is sad. Maybe if I decide to do this challenge I will be better at doing my hair after the 21 days are over?

Since Evan is in the Army, we have to rent our house. So basically we can't do anything awesome to the place. But what we can do, is fill the walls up of pictures, paintings, wall art, and memories. There's also different furniture ideas that I would consider, and I could make the rooms more fun. I just need to save up money for this one and put a lot of thought into it.

I would like for them to turn out as cute as this one. We'll see!

Let me know what you think!? Or if you have any other ideas!

All image via Pinterest.