Monday, January 28, 2013

Spaghetti Con Espinacas

I scored with this delicious plate. I decided to try something I've never tried before but I thought it might be quite tasty and to no surprise my prediction was correct. Evan loved it. Judah loved it. I loved it. Spaghetti with spinach. I'm sure many have tried this dish no doubt, but this is my first time. Being Mexican and growing up only eating Mexican food all my life, I haven't really had the experience with messing around with Italian dishes or American dishes for that matter. My dad hardly every cooked. The only thing he would constantly make was cream of mushroom mixed with ground beef, green beans, and corn on top of bread. It was quite good actually. Anyways, back to this awesomely delicious dish. I didn't use any recipe online, I just made spaghetti the way everyone knows how. The only thing I did differently was mix the chopped fresh spinach leaves in with the beef, added some sazon, squeezed half a lime into it, and mushed it all together. Oh and after It was cooked, I added the original Ragu marinara sauce. Yumm. It was DELICIOUS.
I also made stuffed mushrooms for the first time! Big deal for me. For most people making stuffed mushrooms is probably easy, but for me, it took what seemed like forever. I looked up many several recipes and I didn't have most of the required condiments, vegetables, meat, whatever. So I was thinking... they call it stuffed it doesn't really matter what you put in it, as long as it's stuffed with something. I just took the easy way out and stuffed it with the Spaghetti meat and added shredded Monterrey Jack cheese on top. I put it in the oven for ten minutes at 350...and presto! It was finished. I ate two of them. They were good to me just because I like mushrooms, but Evan doesn't and neither does Judah so I had no help with eating them. I was sick the next day and when you're sick the last thing you want to do is eat mushrooms even if you do like them. I didn't want them to go bad so I gave them to one of Evan's friends who loves mushrooms more than me. He'll eat them raw. So I figured he could take them off my hands, and he said they were really good, which of course made me happy. 

I never thought that I would ever enjoy cooking this much until I got married. It's so much fun. It's even more fun when the food tastes just like or almost better than it does if you go to a restaurant. My mom always says home food tastes better than restaurant food If you make it right. She's right.