Friday, January 18, 2013

Rolling In The Deep

My little pedasito de oro! Ladies and gentelmen Micah finally rolled over last night, from his back to his tummy and this morning from his tummy to his back! So excited and happy! I thought it was kind of weird that he would first turn over from the back to the tummy because usually babies first roll over from their tummies to their backs... I feel like I've used the word tummy one hundred times already in this paragraph. haha Anyways I'm just so so happy. I am a proud mama these past couple of days. Just look at Micah all handsome and what not. I have to say I'm a little disappointed that Micah no longer has his cute blue eyes. I'm not sure what color they are yet. Maybe a hazel because sometimes they look really green and other times they're a light brown. I still love him whatever his eye color may be. As you already may know, all Mexicans with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair who marry a blonde hair blue eyed babe, have that teeniest tiniest hope that one or all of their children will turn out with a different eye color other than brown. 
On the other side, Judah is getting along better with Micah. He can almost say his name too! Judah is not to keen on words yet, he'll babble more than anything and he's really loud even though he doesn't make us anyways. He is the busiest little baby I have ever seen/known. He's able to climb the walls. If he wants to get somewhere, trust me he will get there. Like the crib for instance. Before Micah was born, Judah hated the crib and now he loves it, only because Micah is in it now. Judah is able to get in the crib without having to climb on top of the toy box or the red rocking chair at the end of the crib to get in. Sure he'll use those remedies to make it easier but if I say no, he get's in without them. Judah's motor skills are unbelievable at times. I think he gets it from his dad. ;)
Another example of Judah getting in the crib by climbing the red chair below him. He is so silly, and I can't get enough of Micah's cute little face! I wish he could stay this small forever until I say so otherwise. Too adorable. 
I can see you!...He likes to play hide-and-seek with literally anything! I love it!

21 Day Bible Challenge
Day 16 - 2 Samuel 20, 21
Day 17 - 2 Samuel 22, 23