Friday, January 4, 2013

Old Fashioned Malt Shoppe

So the other day we all decided to go driving around downtown Cape. I drove since no one else knew the area. Well I came around this place that I've never seen before. It said in front "Fountain Sodas & Ice Cream". We all decided to go in to see what this place was really about. To my surprise, this old fashioned malt shoppe was awesome. Vintage pieces were all around and this place was even connected to Charlie 's(the owner's) antique store. What was even more amazing? the ice cream! All homemade, old fashioned from 1927! It was delicious. No joke. They also serve old fashioned phosphate soda and ice cream floats. AMAZING! Can't wait to come back during the summer or when it gets warmer outside. Oh and because there was nobody there (It was 20 degrees out, we're just crazies that wanted ice cream in such cold weather), Charlie took us back to the kitchen and showed us how they make the ice cream and how they make their sugar free waffle cones. Yes I did say sugar free. So if you are in the Cape area you need to go downtown Spanish Street and check this place out! Love love love. Check out this interview of Charlie Bertrand when he first opened this shoppe.


21 Day Bible Challenge
Day 2 & 3
Yesterday I was super busy but I did read one chapter, 2 Samuel Chapter 10.
What I learned from this chapter...
We should think before we act. Sometimes we don't think about something before we act upon it. We automatically jump before thinking about jumping and next thing you know it's an uh oh.
Also to keep a natural balance in our lives concerning our faith in God and our actions.

Day 3
2 Samuel Chapter 11 & James Chapter 1.
 2 Samuel ch. 11 -  This was an interesting chapter. Talks about David's sins and him trying to cover them up. He just kept digging himself down in the dirt deeper and deeper.
His first sin Adultery, second sin Murder, third sin Cover.
Temptation played a HUGE factor in this chapter. If it wasn't for temptation, David wouldn't have committed Adultery to begin with which wouldn't have caused him to sin even more.
We have to trust in God always and go to God for strength to overcome temptation.

James ch. 1 - oh gosh. This whole chapter is pretty much overwhelming. Go read it your self and trust me you will not get bored.
Talks about having patience, doubting and trusting, temptation and desires, taming the tongue, hearing and listening, responsibility, and values. So much in one chapter.
I guess I'll just tell you what I like most about this chapter which is really hard to choose...
verse 27 "Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted form the world."
True faith means nothing if we are contaminated with such values.. a.k.a. money, power, and pleasure.