Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 9 & 10 - Bible

1 Peter 1

Peter writes this chapter to give hope to new believers in Christ. During these times many Christians were being misunderstood, harassed, tortured, and even put to death. At this time many Romans thought Christians were members of a Jewish sect. Since Jewish religion was legal, they considered Christianity to be legal also. Many Jews did not like the Christians though. They did not like being associated with Christians. Verses in this Chapter that really stood out to me were verses 14-16, 20-25. Main message I received from this chapter...We should sacrifice ourselves for others like Jesus who has sacrificed Himself for us sinners. We should be merciful and just like Him and be holy in everything we do.

2 Samuel 16

Talks of a man by the name of Shimei who came to David only to curse him. David allowed it because Shimei told him that the Lord told him to curse him. David and his followers tolerated the abuse as they traveled. Main Message in this chapter... "If you can't stop criticism, it is best to just ignore it."

2 Samuel 17

Absalom plans to kill David. Reading this made me sad only because David is Absalom's father. He wanted power so badly to search for his father only to kill him so he could be King over all of Israel. This is where pride led him. "Pride goes before destruction" Proverbs 16:18.