Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 8 - Bible

2 Samuel Chapters 4 & 5

In Chapter 4 the story continues. Absalom returns to Jerusalem. He wanted to get the attention of Joab so he could ask the King (Absalom's father) to see him. In doing so he had his servants burn the fields of barley of Joab's. In the end David (The King) forgave Absalom.
The message I received from this chapter was basically we need to discipline our children better, especially those who have natural abilities and are handsome or beautiful. (Usually natural beauties get whatever they want because of their good looks...everyone knows this.. haha) If we are not careful in how we discipline them, they will become like Absalom growing up thinking they can do whatever they want to do, and when and where they want to do it.
"If we ignore sin, we experience greater pain than if we deal with it immediately."

In Chapter 5 Absalom continues to rebel against David. He crowned himself King over Hebron. Many were fooled by Absalom's good looks and charming ways and turned their allegiance to him. Many overlooked his non-ability to handle and make wise decisions and handle people wisely. In the end they saw his true colors as an evil leader.
"We need to evaluate our leaders to make sure their charisma is not a mask covering graft, deception, or hunger for power."
Later on somehow Absalom won the hearts of the men of Israel. Doing so King David and those that were still with him fled Jerusalem to Mahanaim to avoid a fight with Absalom. Absalom and his army followed David and his men there only to be defeated in the Woods of Ephraim and there Absalom was killed.
"It takes courage to stand and fight, but it also takes courage to back down for the sake of others"