Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 4 and Five - Bible

Day 4
2 Samuel Chapters 12 and 13

In Chapter twelve it talks about David's sin and how God punished him for it. God used Nathan to point out David's evil ways for David did not recognize what he was doing himself. While David was condemning others, he was really condemning himself. David then asked God for forgiveness and repented of his sins. David hoping that God would lift the punishment for his sins, he prayed, fasted, and worshiped. The punishment was not lifted because if God were to lift it, God's name would have been dishonored among Israel. They would have seen it as God rewarding murder and adultery. 
We have to think before we act. Seek God for forgiveness and start fresh.

In chapter thirteen it talked about Amnon's (son of David) sin. He forced his half sister Tamar to sleep with him. He said he loved her but after forcing her, he hated her. So basically he didn't really love her. He just lusted for her. If you just can't wait, what you feel is not true love. Then Tamar's brother Absalom was so upset about what happened he seeked revenge and killed Amnon. Revenge  is also a sin and Amnon later dies because of his pride.

Day 5
James Chapter 2 

It took me a couple of times to read and fully understand the beginning of chapter 2, mainly because I was distracted and could not fully concentrate on the word. But after praying for peace and no distractions I was able to read it with no problemo.
Some verses that stood out to me were...2:1,10,12,14-17, and 26.
Talks about personal favoritism. It showed examples of how we treat the rich differently from the poor. It is a sinful to act in such ways. People try to identify with the impressive well dressed, powerful, successful, and famous people rather than the poor and unsuccessful ones. 
Also talks about faith and works. "Faith without works is dead". Really interesting. So if you're sick go ahead and get the medicine you need and pray and have faith that you will be healed by using the right medicine for certain condition of which you are in. 
I also want to point out one of the notes here in the Bible.. "God does not promise us earthly rewards or riches; in fact, Christ calls us to be ready to suffer for him and give up everything in order to hold on to eternal life." -wooah

Sorry this post is late. Today was a very hectic day. It was my sister's last day here and my mom and I spent all day with her until she had to leave back to Seattle. We took Micah with us but left Judah with grandpa.This week went by so fast. Wish she could have stayed longer. I miss her already. Even though she is far away she will always be my best friend. After she left, I went to the hospital with Micah to do what I had to do and I talked with my dear friend for a long while and prayed over her. Once I came home I was back to mom duty...mainly with Judah because Micah is easy to handle. I finally got him to sleep. and for those of you that know Judah personally, you know how he likes to fight it. (: 

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!