Saturday, January 19, 2013

Accidents Happen

Hello four day weekend! It's nice to see you! To start off the weekend Evan and I along with the babies went to Manhattan so Ev could donate plasma. It usually takes two or so hours, so while he was donating I decided to go to Target to pay my red card off and get things that we needed. This was a bad idea, not paying off my red card, but going to Target alone with the two boys. I didn't have a double stroller with me so I had to put Micah in the baby sling and Judah in the Target cart. Judah kept wiggling his way out of the cart seat and I kept having to put him back in it. I got a good work out just doing that and trying not to hurt Micah while doing it. I gave Judah my car keys to entertain himself...worked for a few seconds and then he started throwing it down over and over again...Micah started crying soon after. I knew he wasn't hungry because I had fed him right before we walked into Target. I started looking at the Kitchen section when all of a sudden I felt something trickle down my leg..Micah peed all over me. I surprisingly kept my cool. I thought it was actually kind of funny. I just couldn't believe what had just happened. I then frantically searched for the restroom (This Target is new to me). Finally found the rest room. Micah is screaming. Judah is screaming. I hurry to pull down the baby changing table, take Micah out of the sling only to find out that his diaper was pretty empty and the pee was all over him and me instead....Maybe it was because he was up against me all tight and snug that the pee went everywhere else? Who knows, but It gave me a good excuse to buy him a new outfit, considering he was crying the entire time until I purchased his new outfit and went to the bathroom again to change him into his new non-wet clothes.

Judah's side of the story...He wasn't being that bad until we got into the bathroom, the first time, to change Micah's diaper. I had to let Judah down from the cart because you can't take unpurchased merchandise into the bathroom. All the while I was taking care of Micah, Judah threw the car keys into the trash can, went into all the stalls pulling down as much toilet paper as he could, and trying to play with the water in the toilet. You can only imagine what I was going through at the time. I felt bad leaving the bathroom the way it was but I was in a rush and ready to leave. Once we got into the check out isle, Judah started babbling to this Chinese boy in front of us. I don't know what Judah babbled to make this boy mad, but this boy started screaming and crying and he started talking in Chinese and pointed at Judah and next thing you know I get the stink eye from his mom. She came over and yelled at me "wha happen!?" and I just looked at her and told her nothing happened, my son was just trying to talk to your son, and she snapped her head back, picked her son up, said something in Chinese, took her things and left. Sheesh. I was more than ready to go home after that little incident if you can really call it that. 

Once, I'm outside ready to put the kids in the car, I realized I didn't have my keys..crap. I remembered just then, that Judah had thrown the keys in the trash can, and I forgot to take them out. So I go back in to Target, go to the bathroom on the other side of Target instead of in the entrance, just to dig through the trash can to get my keys. Thank God they were still there. haha
On another note, It took me about two hours to get ready. Big deal for me. I actually took the time to curl my hair. It was more curlier before I took these pictures, but because of my fine straight hair they fell out a bit into these pretty waves, and I don't like using hair spray. I don't like that sticky stringy feeling. Not for me. I can't stand it. Oh and now that I'm back in Kansas, I thought I might let you know, I hardly ever dress up or put any makeup on since I'm at home all day with the kids, and today I was sort of expecting a compliment from Evan. Guess what? No compliment. I didn't want to bring it up myself until the day was over, hoping he'd tell me something before we go to bed. Nope. Nada. I was thinking maybe he didn't like my outfit, maybe it was the shoes, or the shorts. So I said something along the lines of "Did you think I looked pretty today?" His response, "Ya...Well, I thought it in my head". Men. 
The rest of the day went pretty swell.
Whole outfit from Forever 21. Except for leather shorts, I got those at H&M.

21 Day Bible Challenge
2 Samuel 24
Tomorrow I will start 1 Kings. (: