Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Scarlet Thread

This book is a must read! Any book by Francine Rivers is basically a must.
My brother Jonathan got this book for me last Christmas and I just now decided to make time to read it. Ladies and gents, I have two kids and I managed to finish reading this book in two days. I don't know how. It was that good!

If you want to know, this book is about a girl by the name of Sierra Madrid. She married young, went to community college and had two kids. She was leading a very happy life and she thought her husband was to until he moved them to the city for a different job that was Alejandro's (Sierra's husband) dream job, the job he had went to school for. He created video games. Sierra eventually began to rebel against her husband without noticing, thinking he was the one in the wrong. She liked where they lived, close to all her family and friends. Her husband Alejandro and Sierra eventually started to grow apart. They were both incredibly unhappy with their marriage. 
Alejandro and his family were well off, Alejandro becoming an icon in the gaming world. Sierra found it hard to be apart of this new world Alejandro dragged her into. There marriage began to deteriorate. Sierra went to her mother for consolation on a regular basis. Her mother gave her a journal and a hand crafted quilt that was Mary Kathryn McMurray's (one of her great ancestors). Like Sierra, they both lived similar lives. Reading Mary's journal brought Sierra to realize what she was missing in her life and marriage all along.  Eventually she learned to surrender to God's unfailing and unconditional love for her.

Sierra Madrid believe it or not is like all of us married women some way or another. I found a lot of area's where I'd pin point out "hey! I do that!". Mainly referring to her being overly dramatic sometimes but she didn't realize it. Sometimes I'll admit that I can be overly dramatic as well but not notice how I was acting until maybe two or three days later. This book has really opened my eyes. I've realized how important it is to keep God first in your life. You could be the richest person on earth and have everything and still not find happiness because God is what was missing in your life. Hopefully I can learn to be more patient and listen better in my life with my kids and marriage. 
If you are interested in this book, you can buy it here.