Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart

This time last year I was picking up Evan from the bus station. I had been with out him for three months prior. Man, I was soooo happy to see him. I have to admit though I was at a loss for words...and I felt kind of awkward not knowing what to say for the first time in my life. He was just so handsome in his uniform and I was just so happy to finally be with him once again. I guess you could say I was over joyed. He left me speechless. This year I get to spend another wonderful Christmas with Evan. Lucky me! and I get to spend Christmas with his family, my family, and our family. Does that make sense? Anyways. I'm just so happy and blessed to have my two little angels with me and my awesome saucy husband who I love with all of my heart. I'm so glad he's apart of my life and If I had to do it all over again, I'd do it in a heartbeat. 
Last two Images were taken by Sheena at Esprit Jolie Photography
This was our cute little family last year! and now we have to get new family pictures due to our new heavenly addition to the family, Micah. Can't wait!

I surprisingly haven't been on the computer at all for three full days! That's crazy for me. I usually don't go a day with out getting on the computer at least once. I've been super busy the last couple of days. Let me tell ya. I spent all of Saturday driving to MO and all of Sunday with family. All of us Watkins went to go see The Hobbit. It was AMAZING! Can't wait for the next two to come out! I'm so excited. Yes I am a 'Lord Of The Rings' fan, Evan and I both. I love how we love the same things. Well for the most part. Anyways, we had an awesome dinner after the movie and we had our Christmas with part of the Watkins family that night. It was a great overall day. Today Evan and I roamed Cape basically. It was nice Just us and the babes. We also went to see the Christmas lights and let me tell ya, Judah was mesmerized by them. It was amazing. So blessed. I love love love the holidays.