Sunday, December 9, 2012

I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas

From what I can remember I've only had maybe six white Christmas's in my life... or less. But I am pretty sure around six. Other times Christmas would pass and a week later we'd get snow or it would be a week before. But white Christmas's are always welcome in my book. It makes Christmas feel more Christmasy. Don't ya think so? ya.. me too.

Have you ever opened up your Christmas present before Christmas and then wrapped it back up and acted so surprised when you reopened it on Christmas?? Ya, I've done that a couple of times myself.
Have you ever thrown a fit because you didn't get what you asked for on Christmas??? No I've never done that. I'm too nice. haha Actually, not that I'm spoiled or anything. But I don't remember ever getting something on Christmas that I didn't like. I always remember being really satisfied with all my Christmas presents even if it wasn't what I asked for.
Have you ever bragged about what you got for Christmas to your friends??? I'm sure we have all bragged before. I was never the first to brag, knowing my friends got more cool stuff than me just because they were the only child or had divorced parents trying to out cool the other with the gifts. I would brag however if I knew I had gotten something a lot more awesome than a certain someone. Why are we so mean when we are young? Who knows. All I know is that even though we were really mean to each other we still stayed friends even to this day. 

Anyways. Here are some of my fave Christmas tunes.