Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Days are More Fun Because of You

Listening to Christmas music really does put me in a GREAT mood. mmm Nat King Cole, She & Him, Matt Wertz, Frank Sinatra....oh! It makes me happy and then I just start to dance around the house. It's a sure good thing Judah likes to dance!

Something new he started doing today...he's giving me kisses now! and Micah too! You seriously don't know how happy that makes me. I'm so used to asking him for besos and him turning his cheek for me to give him one instead and today he actually gave me one! I got really excited and well he liked that a lot so he kept giving me more! I wish I had it on camera. It was truly the cutest thing ever. Judah was in a loving mood today until he got tired of playing and very cranky. But that is to be expected of a child.
Aren't these boys just darling??
Happy Tuesday!